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Visit the AU FAQ to see what does (and doesn't) constitute a violation of church-state separation.




Monthly Archives: March 2010

We have upgraded and updated the site, making it a bit more Web 2.0 friendly. The new system will allow us to get information out faster and more efficiently. Some enhancements include:

  • A better visual experience
  • Automatic news and article archiving
  • Direct newsletter subscription capabilities
  • Article searching with keywords
  • Dynamically updated national Church-State Separation news
  • Automatic reformatting for mobile devices

We are finishing up the process of finalizing the Newsletters page and migrating the old content over, otherwise the site is ready to go!

So please visit often to see what’s going on in the fight to preserve the Separation of Church and State both locally and nationally.

…And while we are on the subject, be sure to visit the Events page.

Americans United is hosting a Grassroots and Religious Outreach training session April 17th in Long Island.

Barry Lynn, AU’s Executive Director will also be speaking later in the evening.

We are often asked why AU doesn’t get more involved with the “In God We Trust” and “One Nation Under God” issues.

The truth is we have.

Rev. Hutcherson

via The Pulpit : Colorado Springs Gazette, CO.

Focus on the Family founder James Dobson was pushed off the Focus radio show by the organization