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NY1:  Lawmakers Push for Legislation Allowing Churches to Use Public School Facilities

Here’s the killer quote:

[State Senator Marty] Golden says the bill will give religious institutions the right to worship without interfering with the separation of church and state.

Of course what they don’t say is that none of the proposed legislation addresses the US Court of Appeals’ concern that the city was footing the bill for churches to use the public space (taxpayers paying for sectarian worship), and that these churches were getting exclusive, long-term access to school facilities (the appearance of the state endorsing a particular religion).

More from AU:  Nothing To See Here: Religious Right Should Move On After Supreme Court Refuses To Hear School-Use Case

In 2008, the Alliance Defense Fund launched the “Pulpit Initiative”, which they say was designed to “restore the right of pastors to speak freely from the pulpit on any and all issues addressed by Scripture.”

Strange, but I would be curious to see where specific politicians are addressed in any holy book.

The ADF’s efforts to encourage church politicking are still going on:

Family Research Council and The Liberty Institute announced their filing of a motion to argue Freedom from Religion Foundation v. Obama.